Behavioural Competencies

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Behavioural Competencies

Competencies are defined as ‘characteristic behaviours that lead to superior performance’. It is behaviour above all other factors such as skills, knowledge and experience, which drives performance.

Glowinkowski International has extensive experience in developing competency frameworks that describe what ‘good looks like’. We have studied and defined competencies across a vast range of different sectors, cultures, organisational functions and levels, e.g. Chief Executive, Chief Information Officer, Customer Service Director.

Through our analysis of competencies, it is possible to define what differentiates outstanding from average performers. Competencies provide vital information for assessing individuals and should occupy an important position in all HR management practices from recruitment and selection to performance management, from talent management and succession planning to managing downsizing and outplacement.

Individuals can be assessed against our competency framework to establish how they measure up against a benchmark that is global in its reach and has been built up over 25 years of research and practical consultancy work.

Competency assessment increases the predictive validity of any recruitment process (particularly when conducted as an event-based interview rather than structured, question-based interview).

Competency assessment should form the keystone to any talent management or succession planning process. As a result of such assessment, individuals’ strengths can be deployed more effectively and development targeted for best effect.

Development should be regarded as an investment in the same way as it would be to acquire a new production system. Payback should be sought from the improved performance that the individual will deliver following their development. As a result, an organisation is gaining greater contribution from its ‘human capital’.

This is not to desensitise how people are regarded but concerns how organisations should approach building and retaining a talented community of staff who will feel motivated to deliver discretionary effort. This is a highly effective approach to building a high-performance Climate and so raising the performance of the organisation.

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