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The GVI is a new tool that is currently being developed as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (Innovate UK) between Glowinkowski International Limited and the University of Essex. Today values and corporate responsibility are at the forefront of many corporate agendas, as society at large is demanding greater transparency from the organisations they work for and consume from. The GVI provides a means to assess the extent to which organisations ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to their values.

The GVI draws upon an 18 value framework operationalising six core values: Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence, Accountability, Integrity and Respect. This tool assesses from the perspective of employees, the extent to which they perceive their organisation to be demonstrating these values in practice, and how important it is to them that their organisation does so. From this we can establish what values an organisation is demonstrating the most/least, what values are most/least important to employees and for what values do we see the largest/smallest gaps between demonstrated values and their importance. The GVI can be customised to incorporate an organisations own stated values to be assessed in this same way.

An associated change management programme will be developed alongside this tool to provide organisations with some clear strategies and approaches to address value-behaviour gaps and to engage employees in their values from recruitment and beyond.

To read more about the GVI framework, the ongoing development of this tool and programme as well as some output from a recent pilot study, see the links to the left.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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