Using the ESI to Provide Blue 4 Feedback

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Approach and Toolkit
Using the ESI to Provide Blue 4 Feedback

ESI is a 360 degree measure of your Blue 4 behavioural style. Data is based on the extensively validated Glowinkowski™ Model of Behaviour and is set-out across the following four areas of leadership activity:

  • Setting Direction and Objectives
  • Taking Decisions
  • Communicating
  • Managing Performance

ESI reports a measure at a point in time of the extent to which an individual is seen as delivering Blue 4 leadership style. As such, it can provide a powerful input to leadership development, especially where coupled with the GPI™. 

In such circumstances, an individual can reflect on how their own natural style (as reported through GPI™) is affecting their actual behaviour as seen by others with whom they currently work.

The ESI profile contributes to mapping out the specific skills development journey an individual needs to make in order to improve their effectiveness, especially if they have leadership responsibilities. Post-development, an individual can re-take ESI and gain a tangible, measured indication of the extent to which they have improved, i.e. how much have they increased their delivery of Blue 4 style.

The extent to which an individual achieves a high proportion of behaviour classified by others as Blue 4 directly indicates the extent to which they are effectively influencing their colleagues.

Individuals who would benefit from ESI include:

  • Anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills
  • Individuals promoted from one level to the next
  • Those holding roles where influencing others is important
  • Those that see addressing conflict as a development issue
  • Those seeking to build and develop their stakeholder management skills


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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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