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LOI - Performance Improvement

Behaviour drives performance. Improve behaviour and you improve performance. However, do this without addressing the processes or structure and behavioural change will not be sustainable. The Glowinkowski™ approach to performance improvement looks at the entire leadership dynamic. It may be the structure which is preventing the behaviour or the absence of processes/ineffective processes. Looking at all three elements ensures that nothing is overlooked – indeed, organisational structure and processes can be exploited for the benefit of behaviour.

Climate drives performance. The LOI™ programme considers the leadership dynamic in the context of Climate. Improving the leadership dynamic improves the Climate – the workplace becomes a better place to be – and bottom line is driven up.

LOI™ applies to organisations, teams and individuals who:

  • Know they need to make changes but are unsure where
  • Have felt that attempts to change in the past have proved ineffective
  • Are fed up with today’s fad – they want something that works and has the data to prove it
  • Have felt that improvement interventions they have engaged with in the past were missing something

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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