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Recruitment and selection concerns getting the right person into the right job. By right person, we mean the individual who possesses the correct mix of cognitive capacity, technical skills and knowledge, experience and, crucially, behaviours to do the work demanded by the job effectively. In the main, the ‘hit-rate’ is not especially high!

Furthermore, recruitment and selection from outside the organisation introduces fresh talent and perspectives to the organisation that may help it adapt to the future or, in some cases, shape its own destiny. As such, recruitment and selection is a key component of an organisation’s strategic talent management process.

GPI™ provides data to the recruitment and selection process in the following manner:

  • Signposts to direct interviewers and appointment decision-makers to probe key areas of behaviour
  • Testing the likely ‘fit’ of an individual to an existing team
  • Predicting the ease by which specific behaviours demanded by job may be delivered, e.g. a role requiring detailed analysis is very different to one requiring more abstract and conceptual reasoning
  • Setting an initial platform on which longer-term thinking can be based about an individual’s potential career development track.

Using the GPI™ as a component of the recruitment and selection practice results in more successful selection decisions. As a result, the level of retention of new staff is increased and recruitment costs fall as overall staff turnover figures reduce. The performance contribution of new staff is better and both the recruiting organisation and its new recruits are better placed to take decisions about long-term career projections.

GPI™ does NOT provide by itself the single means upon which recruitment and selection decisions can be made. It is designed to be used as a component of a multi-faceted approach.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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