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Talent Management is the means by which organisations seek to utilise their people in the most effective way and to provide the opportunity for individuals to achieve their full potential.

GPI™ can be used to support Talent Management in a variety of ways:

  • Assessment of individuals’ long-term potential – a particular GPI™ profile does NOT confer a sense of direct fit with a more senior role or one in a different function. GPI™ does provide valid indicators of what behaviours will be easier or more difficult to deliver. As such it identifies how strengths can be best applied and where development needs to be targeted in order to learn to deliver those behaviours that do not come easily to the individual.
  • Consideration of ‘fit’ to particular career tracks; the behavioural requirements of a diagnostic, science based role is different to one in the creative arts! This is really helpful but not prescriptive to youngsters embarking upon their careers or to older individuals contemplating a career change.
  • Tailoring development to individual need – GPI™ can help overcome the sheep-dip approach!

GPI™ is but one component from the GlowinkowskiTM toolkit that can support Talent Management practices. Other data-streams can be obtained from a single IT platform to provide a ‘HD picture’ of each individual, which enables improved decision making concerning targeting scarce development resources to where they will have greatest impact upon the organisation’s long-term performance.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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