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GPI™ was originally conceived for use within team development / team building situations in order to provide such groups with a means by which they could understand their collective approach to dealing with and solving problems, to engaging amongst themselves and with others outside the team as well as their sense of worth and self-control.

Quite simply, a team can either be diverse or be composed of similar people. This is not diverse in terms of gender or ethnicity, which they may or may not be, but diverse or similar in how they prefer to approach different situations. A diverse team will consider the same situation differently, which may give rise to conflict. A similar team will possess a consistent and consolidated view but this may give rise to ‘group-think’. By understanding its GPI™ team profile, the team is better informed and has an evidence base that clearly highlights its collective strengths as well as being able to identify development needs so that its diversity can be stretched and optimised.

At a senior level, the expression ‘honeymoon period’ is used to give time to new team members to get used to their new environment. Using GPI™ team feedback can drastically reduce the period a new team member (incidentally at any level) takes to become fully productive and effective.

GPI™ has been used in the following team situations:

  • Assembling new teams, e.g. senior-management teams, trouble-shooting teams, project teams
  • Helping teams to acquire clarity about their composition in terms of each individual’s natural style
  • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a team
  • Setting their direction as a team
  • Merging two distinct teams, e.g. in M&A contexts (why do M&As all too often fail to deliver projected value growth? Because, insufficient due diligence is conducted about the nature of the two organisation’s leadership and human capital)
  • Integrating new members into existing teams
  • Resolving disagreements and conflict
  • Helping a team to deal with relationship issues either within itself or with other teams with which it works, e.g. customers, suppliers, business partners, investors, Trustees etc.

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Tel: +44 (0)1206 710945
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